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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 17, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. ♪ right now the man suspected of terrorizeing local businesses armed with a massive 95 is caught. police say they've linked the same man to more than half dozen robberies. several of those owners were stabbed and one of his alleged victims still in the hospital. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. another local business owners describing the moment he thought for this life. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at police headquarters with a story you'll see only on fox. dave? >> reporter: lucy to show you how dangerous this suspect is, he's being held tonight on $1.75 million bail. we did speak to one of his latest victims tonight and he tells us he feels lucky to be alive. >> he tried to kill me with big
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knife. >> it was a 95 like that. i grab the knife. it doesn't matter. one hand is gone still i have my life. >> reporter: variety shop owner abdul won't soon forget having a 95 pull put to his head and his hand slashed by a knife-wielding robber as he struggled to fight him off inside his store on kensington avenue. >> he put the knife, give me money, give me money. >> reporter: police sizes 23-year-old christian rosario caught on tape during one of eight knife point robberies over a four-day period. three store owners were stabbed. 58-year-old sicor a father of four said he was in a fight for his own life. >> do you feel lucky to be alive now. >> of course. my life is important. not money. >> he was getting increasingly more aggressive during his robberies. >> reporter: rosario was arrested overnight by east detectives after attack the own owner joe's cold cuts on trang forward of a monday morning almost killing him. >> very quickly gets ugly. he grabs a hold of the person
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puts a knife to their neck or their stomach den nabbed money. >> reporter: customers and neighbors near joe's were shaken by the violent attack on the store owner. who is a fixture in the neighborhood. he suffered multiple stab wounds wounds. >> joe is a stand up neighbor. if you have a dollar or if you don't have any money he'll definitely give you credit. nice guy. >> everybody knows him. everybody loves him and everybody is for him. you know what i mean jess ooh good guy. you get to really know him. >> reporter: police and sikor is glad row czar czar yo is off the street and behind bars. >> our worst fierce were realized yesterday when the owner of the store was stabbed viciously. we're just glad he survived and nobody else got hurt worse. >> he kill anybody. it doesn't matter. >> rosario charged with aggravated assault robbery and making terroristic threats. his total take for the robberies just a thousand bucks. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much dave. a strange mystery in haddonfield where a man carjacked a priest after holding
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up a drugstore with a traffic cone. it happened around noon at a rite aid on haddon avenue. man caring a gun and traffic cone demand drug. once he got what he wanted the carjack the priest in the parking lot about block later he abandoned the car took off running. he's white about 6 feet tall, 200 pounds and last seen wearing a long yellow rain jacket, yellow reflective vests black mask and hard hat. on your radar tonight taking a break from this heat after rain drenched much of the area tonight. this quick downpour moved through earlier tonight in the sea's francisville neighborhood a live look outside in south philly tonight. scott, we'll finally feel a little bit of a difference tomorrow. >> iain and luce associate it will be a breath of fresh air across our area. we'll get a break from the heat as well as the humidity. even the threat of storms ultimate doppler was lit up in a couple of locations earlier this afternoon and evening. down the shore we saw gusty winds, heavy rain in atlantic city also we saw a brief downpour during the dinner rush hour around philadelphia. that moved out rapidly.
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bensalem saw some heavy rain and that moved into northern sections of burlington county but a front is moving through the area in the wind direction is shifting out of the north. 81 degrees right now the heat index only 82 but look at the wind direction out of the north northwest at about 10 miles per hour. so with the winds out of the north and west n will usher in some drier air as well as drop our temperatures as we move toward your wednesday in fact take a look at hour by hour numbers. by 7:00 a.m. 71 degrees. by lunch time tomorrow, only in the upper 70s. so tomorrow it's going to be the pick day of the week. we'll talk about how warm it gets with the seven day forecast and also we are still keeping tabs on all of this moisture in texas. when it could impact our area coming up. back to you. >> you heard scott just touch thon right now. southeast texas indeed batoning down the happenings as tropical bill moves through tonight. the storm is weakening over land but still threatening heavy rain,
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flooding even tornadoes here and there. texas and oklahoma are both bracing for as much as eight more inches of rain. wide swaths of those states are still recovering from flash flooding last month that killed 30 people. ajarring discovery down the shore want to warn you this may be hard to look at. experts say this baby dolphin was eaten most likely by a shark shark. the shore news reports a lifeguard pulled the remains out of the water in north wildwood on saturday. the marine mammal stranding center told the paper the shark did not attack the dolphin when it was a life. developing right now, cabs stolen right off philadelphia streets. new surveillance video could be the key to finding who is behind it all. 12 cabs gone in the past nine days and police want you to know the stolen cabs have been used in other crimes. fox 29's dave kinchen shows us how police are working to catch the guy behind it before he strikes again. report. >> i don't have no job. how can i make money. >> reporter: this man says he cannot work after having his taxi stolen overnight at 42nd
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and chestnut in west philadelphia. andd police say this man is the prime suspect accused of of stealing 12 cabs in nine days. one heist even caught on surveillance video. >> you can see that individual walking up and down the street. at some point he walks to the driver door, open the door with a key gets in the car and drives off slowly. >> reporter: investigators say most stolen cabs are a fill 88ed with 215 get a cab. company attorney danielle friedman. >> one cab not in operation impacts business so to have, you know missing cabs off the street certainly hurts us. >> reporter: investigators you were caution since some of the stolen cabs were used in a shooting and in armed robberies. >> it's very concerning when people have comfort in these environments and the comfort at this point is shattered. >> reporter: lieutenant john walker says every stolen taxi had the complex tracking system removed and fox 29 learned the thief is going out ford counsel vicks between 2007 and 2009 with worn down starter system working
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to his advantage. >> with the use of keys over time the ignitions get worn out. any key afford forward product will work in that ignition. which is of concern. >> reporter: police want to you check for two forms of driver id before ever getting inside. >> one is the rear facing card and the other is the driver's certificate and they should be posted at all times in that cab. if they it, walk away. >> reporter: at southwest detectives, dave kinchen fox 29 news. police tell us they have found more than half of the stolen cabs. in delaware county our first look at the men arrested for home invasion while police still look for one man on the loose. but police they know who he is. they arrested brothers jamie and sterling wallace an boy yesterday. they say the four specifically targeted the family on old city road in marple township yesterday. 17-year-old was also arrested and released to his parents. what came in as a threat of an eminent terrorist attack ended with an all clear at two philadelphia naval facilities. skyfox over the navy shipyard in south philadelphia and the navy depot in the northeast today.
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swat teams deployed and all non-essential personnel were center home for the day as of 11 a.m. the fbi later ruled that threat non-credible. new details tonight on the pope's visitor to philadelphia this september and all we can say you better get yours some sneakers. all part of the world meeting of families which could bring as many as 2 million visitors to center city. our bruce gordon explains how the city's transportation system will be stressed to the breaking point. >> reporter: remember the estimated million plus fans who packed center city back in 2008 celebrating the phillies world series win? well the crowds for the pope's visit september 26th and 27th will likely be far larger less spread out and will stay around much longer. >> folks should start thinking ahead and making a com days now because this event will impact the every day life of many throughout the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: the biggest challenge may face suburban nights and other out of towners
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coming into the stevie ya septa regional rail. just 18 stations will be open pry mows in delaware county among them. all heading into the city on an express basis. no stops till the final destination. >> this will allow us to speed up service recycle the trains to increase our system capacity. >> reporter: to board the train you'll need a special $10.1-day pass available in advance but in limited supplyies. though as not to swamp the system. parking at those regional rail express stations will quickly be packed to capacity. so ask a friend to give you a lift. and don't expect to be taken to 30th street station just a short walk from the parkway. too crowded. instead of instead you'll be dropped at stations that could be several miles from your final destination. local officials have met with the hosts of the 2012 world meet meeting in papal visit milan italy. their suggestion -- >> get people used to the idea early that they're going to have to walk long distances. in milan, it was at least
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3 miles. >> this is a very different event and so what you would normally do to go, you know torque an eagles game or something forget that. this is different. >> reporter: many of the transportation details including street closures and there will be many are still to be work out. go to and we'll link to you the various sites and we'll help you plan ahead to enjoy or at least survive this big weekend. in the newsroom i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. swat teams stormed into a neighborhood shocking people fast asleep in their homes. >> they say i seen a army tank. i said, an arm tank in the neighborhood? >> our team trying to hook up sent a neighborhood into chaos and shawnette? >> reporter: collingdale firefighter helping his brotherhood in his native country searer leone his mission to get them protective gear coming up. plus, they served their country side by side and spent
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civilian live the same way what a local marine said a hero k9 did to spare the agony of his final moments. >> you can't see it. you can't smell it but it can protect all your favorite things. the new technology crypt which is not tell is tracking what they steal. >> plus the world's best golfer is about to play in the us open at chambers bay. see what happens when howard eskin even take on the best of good day on the greens. trust us, do you not want to
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♪ sometimes it takes a neighborhood to get things done. the case this afternoon when neighbors jumped in to help firefighters battle flames and smoke at a home in north philadelphia. you can see these guys pulling hoses on the 600 block of schiller street. all that smoke there. one firefighter did end up in the hospital from minor injuries and we still don't know yet how that fire started. powerful campaign to help first responders overseas. delaware county firefighter
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personally organizing a movement to help firefighters in his native country. his initial fundraising efforts left him short of his goal. >> fire departments from across our area are stepping up to save lives on the other side of the world. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in collingdale and shawnette, the key here is about giving new life to old equipment equipment. >> reporter: it is. some of it is old but some of it actually comes from fire officials who respond to a scene but don't go inside burning buildings. so that equipment would be fairly new. all of this is helping a collingdale firefighter help his brotherhood in need. trying to save others when they can't save themselves. >> reporter: this video posted on youtube shows dilapidateed fire nouse see year leone firefighters sleep on the floor overnight while waiting for calls because they don't have furniture. but even worse they don't have protective gear to wear when duty calls. >> they pretty much wear the clothes they have on in
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responding to fire. >> which is no protection. >> no protection at all. >> reporter: this man documented the problem when he visited see err ya leone his native country two years ago. >> somebody is going to get hurt. >> he moved to the united states 15 years ago is now a volunteer firefighter with collingdale one fire department in delaware county. >> very disheartening because those guys are brave. they wanted to a good job. they couldn't do a good job without the resources given to them. >> reporter: he came home with an idea. collect used bunker sets or fire fighting uniforms to donate to the fellow firefighters at home. >> when i first started this project i was collect nothing more than 40 sets of gear. so far we collected over a hundred sets. 200 set of bunker gear. that's huge. >> reporter: 12 fire departments from all over delaware county answered the call donating used and new equipment. donations have grown enough to fill this storage unit from floor to ceiling wall to wall. >> it's just one firefighter helping another firefighter helping another firefighter. what we do. >> he says every piece is a step
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toward saving a life. >> i believe this collection will help to say the lives of someone will get hurt or die fire fighting. >> reporter: so the next mission, of course, is to raise money to get that equipment to see err ya leone. he and other firefighters all around delaware county so far have raised $1,500. they need a total of $4,500 rocks toll get it all there. if you would like to help go to and click on seen on tv to find out how. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. police say a woman was after cash at a pnc bank in northeast philadelphia and she used a bomb threat to get it. skyfox over that bank on the 12,300 block of academy road this morning. she handed a demand note to the teller saying she also had a bomb on her. the woman did walk away with cash. we're not sure how much. police not sure if she really had bomb. very happy home coming from a beautiful swan who has been through a lot in elmer, new
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jersey. just an absolute nightmare on may fifth when joggers in parvin state park found the swan burned all over her head. vets think someone intentionally through acid on her. it took five weeks but a wildlife rehabilitator has nursed her back to health and this morning doctors took her back to her home. her lake and released her life on fox 29's good day. >> reporter: here we go as the top comes off. and there she goes. okay vicky you've been rehabbing her for the last five weeks. is this exactly what you thought was going to happen? >> yes. it's perfect. that's just the way it should be. >> reporter: just the way it should be. >> um-hmm. >> i love that. fairy tale ending that to a horrible case of animal cruelty. she does have some scarring. it will help them find her later for checkups. >> military -- a hero given a military farewell in new jersey.
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he passed away showing as much bravery as did he on mission in afghanistan. troy was a military k9. fox 29's chris o'connell reports reports. he had did it all this dog. >> reporter: derek magee has a wall filled with pictures and military accumulations most importantly he has the memories of his dog troy. >> there's no explaining the relationship between a dog and its handler. troy wasn't just a pet but a military k9 partner. when the marine corps corporal was deployed to afghanistan troy was right there with him as a bomb detection dog. >> from the coldest months in afghanistan where he's sleeping at foot of my sleeping bag to the hottest days where he's trying to find the shade. >> he even got credit for bringing down a major taliban drug lord after finding a thousand pounds of opie yum in the desert when he was time for troy to retire he became home
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with mat guys. the military allowed to allow -- troy to spend his later years wis his home in vineland. >> last week heartbreak. >> he played with him every day. >> derek's sister came home to find troy missing the dog had gotten out of the house. she found him lying under a bush across the street with no apparent injuries. the 11-year-old dog had passed away. troy was wrapped in an emergency flag and given a police escort to the spca where he's being cream mated. >> he's just as much of a marine as any of us were because he served his time more than i did. >> they are now k9 9 police officers with the vineland police department and their father also a retired k9 officer. he knows the bond between dog and handler. >> made him a man. marine corps and troy. >> we've been through so much. he did so much for me. he did so much for me after the
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marinemarine corps when he came home to my family. i would have laid my live down for him today if i had to. >> in vineland, chris o'connell fox 29 news. chris reports magee still doesn't know how his dog died but it's believed to be from natural causes. >> new dash cam video a man just attacked police, a young deputy steps in to stop him. how a dream prepared her for what was about to unfold. and at the center of controversy over her race. she stepped down as the head of the naacp chapter. what rachel dolezal says people just don't understand. >> one diehard hockey fan's devotion to his team he may regret. the permanent mistake tattooed on his body. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening everybody. going to be out and about. so will the work crews tonight setting up shop along i-95 down to one lane between girard and
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cottman of a into tomorrow morning's rush hour and they're also going working over here in new jersey along route 42 at i-295 and of course that closure the vine expressway coming our way at 11:00 tonight. i'll be coming your way along with sue bright and early
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♪ new dash cam video shows a young sheriffs deputy stepping in to stop a man who attacked dallas police headquarters and then there's the dream she had
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the night before warning her of what was to come. deputy katrina caldwell on the job for just about year. that's it. she raced to the highway where the chase was on broke out her stop sticks through them down just in time. the van was feet away. he hit the sticks. >> and you said -- >> i got him. i got him. i let this person know my radio i'm like i got him ya'll. i got him. >> the driver pulled over and got if into a gunfire with police. snipers shot him through the windshield of his van. regarding caldwell's dream she says the night before she dreamt about police actually people shooting at her and believes it was a premonition. birthday celebration turns to tragedy in california. six people were killed in a balcony collapse in berkeley. three boys and three girls all irish students in the us on work visas. eight others were injured. authorities want to know what caused the balcony to break loose. they are checking other
3:25 am
structures at that building. tonight georgia parents fighting back after their kids were taken away from them. police say the five children between the ages of one and 14 weren't living in filthy conditions and mechanic shop. investigators say the kids dennis and ashley thomas had multiple insect bites and hadn't bathed in days. the parents said they were doing the best they could. they've been working to get back on their feet now they're working to get their kids back. a hot pink rattle snake? you're not seeing thing. this snake is real. why experts say the bright color actually makes it more dangerous and -- armored tanks burst into a quiet neighborhood shocking people fast asleep in their homes. how teens trying to hook up sent a neighborhood into chaos. scott. >> get ready for a break from the heat and humidity.o7o8g÷yh
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right now at 10:30, tropical storm bill carving a path through texas. the storm's weakening after
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hitting the mainland earlier today but there's actually a chance it could regain strength over land. what conditions from last month's heavy rainfall would be a contributing factor. meteorologist scott williams is tracking bill and what kind of effect the storm could have on our area this week glenn what started on facebook ended with gunshots and a swat team storm storming a quiet florida community. a couple of teen boys thought they were going to meet up and hook up with some girls who had messaged them on facebook. >> but as fox's kate burgess explains the only thing the boy was found was some trouble. >> reporter: swat tank awakens this neighborhood situated between castle berry and springs early this morning. >> next thing i know i seen an army tank. i said, an army tank in the neighborhood? we had an army tank in there. we had swat out here. we've just had such an exciting morning. >> reporter: this neighbor didn't want to be named. but she's lived in this house for years and watched as law enforcement officers made their grand entrance next door.
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>> i have never -- i ain't never seen swat swat. i'm talking about armored car with the long nose in the yard pointing at the house. >> reporter: swat team was looking for three men castle berry police say shot at two other men in a nearby park overnight. here's the odd thing the two victims were lured to the park by a couple of young women on facebook. women who police say began messaging the victims asking them to meet up and hook up. when the victims got to the park there were no women to be found just three men demanding cash. the victims ran and that's when police say one of the suspects opened fire grazing the right arm of one of the victims. law enforcement launched the chopper after the shooting and officers say they watched as the thee suspects ran out of the woods into this home. >> this house didn't have anything nothing to do with what happened across that park. >> franklin lives in the house and was handcuffed thing this morning. several children were inside at
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the time. the franklins say they've been wrong al accused. >> it was most a moment out of my life all my years of life i would never imagined coming out my door with guns drawn on me. put your hands up. get down. never in in a million years. >> police spent the next several hours combing the house for evidence linking the men who live there to the park shooting but so far no arrests have been made. >> police tell our kate burgess they're working with the victims to identify the suspects. she's at the center of a fire storm of debate over racial identity. and now a former naacp chapter president not only resigned she says she identifies as african-american. her parents say that she is white. rachel dolezal on nbc today show this morning and said that some of the discussion about her has been quote viciously inhumane. she said she identifies as black. the 37-year-old resigned yesterday as president of the spokane washington branch of
3:32 am
the inform aacp. after her parents said she's white with trace of native american heritage. they even showed pictures to back it all up. dolezal told nbc's matt lauer she stopped thinking herself as white when she was little. >> this goes back to very early age with myself identification with the black experience. as a very young child. >> when did it start? >> i would say about five years old. >> you began identifying yourself as african-american. >> i was drawing self portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon and the black -- >> dolezal lost her position as a part-time african studies instructor at a local university an free lance job as a newspaper columnist. the city spoke kin ethics commission is looking into whether she lied about her race for an appointment spokane's police oversight board. let's check in with meteorologist scott william. what's on your radar? i know it
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will cool off little bit. >> tomorrow will be the pick day of the week. so you have a comp day take the day off. it's going to be that great. we're looking at low 80s right now. and you can see the wind direction out of the north northwest at about 10 miles per hour. so the heat index only feeling like 82 degrees. high temperatures tomorrow upper 70s, low 80s across the area. look at the current winds right now out of the north. that's drawing down some of the that drier air as well as cooler air so as we watch future temperatures tomorrow morning upper 60s to around 70 in philadelphia but by 10:00 o'clock we're looking at upper 70s across the area and then as we go into the afternoon high temperatures only in the upper 70s low 80s along the i-95 corridor. so a wonderful wednesday on tap. you can see your planner mostly sunny skies. dry conditions. low relative humidity. just beautiful weather. a high of about 84 degrees. that's about typical for this time of year. ultimate doppler was tracking a
3:34 am
few pockets of downpours earlier in the evening. we saw one little pop-up shower over the philadelphia area early as well as bensalem and some of the activity moved into sections of northern burlington county but that system is out of here and the drier air will continue to move in. so a lot of sunshine tomorrow. dry, quiet as we move toward wednesday night the cloud cover starts to roll in and i do expect some wet conditions to kick off thursday with more clouds and cooler conditions with high temperatures on thursday only in the upper 70s. but take look at the tropics. all of this rainfall from bill continuing to move into the lone star state. max pump sustained winds at 45 miles per hour. but watch the spaghetti models. you can see it moves through texas. moves into the midwest and eventually toward parts of the ohio river valley and it looks like by the um coming weekend we can see some of that left over tropical moisture move toward the philadelphia area. so as we look at the seven day forecast beautiful tomorrow.
3:35 am
84 for the high. cooler still by thursday upper 70s. friday 87 and then as we move toward saturday in particular evening and overnight into sunday scattered showers and leftover tropical moisture and we heat things right back up into the low to mid 90s by early next week. iain and lucy. >> thank you scott. >> a murder mystery a mom's body found in her own bed. her daughter with medical challenges goes missing. how police say they figured out she was behind murder plot. >> when teen devotion maybe goes a little too far. one hockey fans hasty deczwñw
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♪ friendly bet between two tattoo shop owners one man's painful reminder of this year's stanley cup finals. these two ink masters in tampa got at a timed up before their favorite teams hit the ice. the lightning did not strike in game six last night. and stanley cup still making its way through chi town. now despite his team coming up short, this guy says he's leaving the tattoo right where it is. >> you decide after years of talk donald trump is putting his money where his mouth is. he launched an official bid for president today real estate
3:39 am
mogil making announce film one of his trump towers in manhattan manhattan. trump says america leads a who will create jobs, honor vets and protect our borders. >> he joins a long list of republicans running. >> biotechnology becoming camden county's newest theft prevention tool. police departments in the county are teaming up with a dna sciences. the tech company helping launch what's called the dna home asset marking program. here's how it works. homeowners mark their valuables with a special invisible liquid containing a plant based dna mark. you only see it withdrawal violet light. this new tool will prevent thefts and help officers return stolen property. >> shoppers will like at the sighted old boyd theater. it's turning into a target express. the new store will open up in july of next year at the corner of 19th and chestnut. so it will carry food, clothes and other things you can expect to find at target.
3:40 am
crews started demolishing that theater in march. local woman had big hand in her own marriage proposal and she didn't even know it. >> no. jess thought she was shooting music video the big surprise came at the end. >> ♪ >> tell me you love me to our final day 'cause i've been hoping that you'll marry me some day. i've been hoping that you'll marry me some day. >> will you marry me? >> i love things like to make this even more special, jess and her now fiance' sam's song was written by sam's cousin he's a local music known as matty mack appropriately it's called the proposal. on album with the same name. check it out on spotify and i tunes. friend studying at temple film school because all of this magic together. >> busted for an alleged dui. arrested and released why trying to push his luck landed one man
3:41 am
back in jail just a few hour later. the world's best golfers are about to play at the us open. see what happens when howard eskin and iain take on some of the best of good day on the greens.
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♪ a prank some would argue cruelty. turned venom snake into a bigger danger to people and easy target for prey in utah. someone painted a rattle snake pink leaving it a lot more visible to predators and blinding it at least temporarily temporarily. the bright color also made it more likely that a person may ab child would see it, walk up to it check it out and a vet is treating the snake. they believe a construction worker used ground marking paint to pain it. >> made their first court appearance on first degree murder charges today. police say 23-year-old gypsy blanchard asked her boyfriend nicholas to kill her mother. gypsy and her mom were well known in their community for charity events when her mom told people gypsy had special needs her boyfriend told police they took thousands of dollars hidden in a safe in deedee blanchard's bedroom. they took off for his home in wisconsin that's where
3:45 am
prosecutors say they mailed the murder weapon. >> strangely enough they took the murder weapon apparently put it in a purse and mailed it back sit wouldn't be discovered in my sore reach police track the couple to wisconsin after a suspicious facebook post about deedee and gypsy telling authorities that she did the post to help police find her mom's body. police are now looking into a long history of fraud involving gypsy and her mother. a maryland man busted for d dui decided to push his luck behind the wheel only a few hours later. you can probably guess things didn't go so well for fee mix matteo. police say he almost drove his van into another vehicle before jumping a curb late nurse night. stay trooper booked him and turned him over to a sober driver. hours later troopers say he was back on the road swerving and hitting another curb. the same trooper pulled him over again. matteo failed both sobriety test tests and face as slew of
3:46 am
charges. fox 29 hitting the golf course just before the world's best players meet in the u.s. open right here on fox 29. us open starts thursday. howard kess inn i took on good day's jennaphr frederick and chris murphy. sean bell takes us to the course for the front nine. this is far from the pros. >> i pull it. shoot. >> it's not clean close to the amateurs. >> oh, my god i did it again. >> howard invites iain chris and jenn to play at his golf course. some didn't follow rule number one. it's 10 after. like show up on time. >> they don't understand when you set a tee time, the tee time is the tee time. it's kind of like tv news when the news starts at 4:00 a.m., chris or 5:00 o'clock p.m. for me, you can't show up at 10 after and -- i'm running a little bit later. it doesn't work that way. >> i'm sure when jenn and chris
3:47 am
come it will be we needed to go to a place to get some scrambled eggs don a story on scrambled eggs. >> after hearing this and watch watching them putt a little bit i think i'm in for long day. >> 11:00 o'clock tee time. chris finally makes it in. >> what time is it, man? >> what time is it. >> 11:05. >> it's 11:15. and you are dq. >> i had find a new hat. >> dq. is that the even trophy? >> the trophy -- jenn fred and i the morning crew we'll dominate you guys. >> and of course here comes jenn just strolling in after 11:30. >> disqualified. done. >> those clowns didn't have to work today. but the a team has to go to work in the morning. so that's why we're a little tardy for this party. we can finally play some golf. the morning team versus the evening crew. howard of course wouldn't be howard unless he had a little trash to say before we started. >> well i'm thinking jennaphr
3:48 am
frederick better bring out like five dozen golf balls on this golf course. she's going to have trouble getting to the green and getting over the carry. >> howard is elderly and the elderly people they like to have a lot of balls. >> go in the pro shop, buy a case. and she might not get through it it. >> first tee and it's already obvious -- not so good. >> whose going to win this match. ♪ >> got this mike on, see. i hit that little low. >> screwed it up. >> iain and howard dominated the first round. >> i mean it wasn't even close. >> oh, god. he hit that one. >> chris loves the woods. jenn she had her own struggles. >> put that camera on max. >> maybe she would have done a
3:49 am
little better if sean focusing on other things. >> you're the king, matt the poor caddy can be the prince. >> chris and jenn couldn't even within a hole on the front nine. >> don't blame yourself. >> they're tearing it up. >> you better believe howard and iain let them know about it. >> you know what this is it's a joke. it's a joke. >> watch this. >> i got to hit it. hold on. >> that's not bad. murphy likes to play baseball. he hits, you know, a homerun like jianne carlos stanton. >> there is a tee close leave it there you'll gettyed up at the next hole. >> i have to carry the team. it's embarrassing. >> beautiful. >> howard course beautiful
3:50 am
course. >> until you got there. >> it will never be the same. it will never be the same. we haven't even hit the back nine yet. that's comes tomorrow. >> see what happens when we take on the back nine tomorrow night at 10:00. >> the divots. >> a lot of divots on one shot. >> you know what's amazeing commonwealth national is one of the better golf courses in this area and i'm lucky i'm still a member after those clowns from the morning came out there. >> i've been dwed from the club after that. it's a joke. (laughter). >> all right. chip kelly responds as why he released evan mathis and the players tell us why they're fine with the release and the phillies played a real laugher tonight. find out why these guys are yuking it up in the bullpen
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ let's start with the good news. it's not golf. eagles going through their final three days of mini camp before training camp august 2nd and today was the day the head coach was available to respond to his release of offensive lineman evan mathis. he had wanted more money mathis did and that's not -- not what the coach wants and that's why he didn't show up for the mini cams. chip kelly gave the simple
3:54 am
reason for the release. >> we were asked by his agent for a release on multiple occasions. so we weren't going to come to a conclusion in terms of a contract extension. we weren't going to extend any contract or adjust any contracts contracts. so we granted what his agent asked for. >> all the other players were there today. evan mathis told some reporters he had not asked for the release for months. however, i was told that evan mathis agent drew rosenhaus asked the eagles sometime in the last few weeks for mathis' release. i've been told by sources that mathis wanted $2.5 million raise from 5.5 million to eight mill. wanted another eight mill the second year and he's 34 years old. and the players believe in chip kelly and his culture for this team. >> it's always been team first environment -- everybody being in this together and so forth. so i don't think that -- that's part of the reason why. i don't think you see so many players actively speaking out or or -- upset about this decision.
3:55 am
>> good news for the phillies tonight. but wait. they broke their scoreless inning streak at 24 and two-thirds innings. they scored three runs. but the problem was baltimore scored 19 runs. here's another eye opener. phillies have one homerun in the last eight games. the orioles had eight tonight. are you ready for this? let's go to baltimore. first inning second pitch of the game, baltimore manny ma chad dough two hole runs in the first two innings. baltimore scored sick in the first. two of those coming on this wild pitch by jerome williams. two runs score. but when the second run scored jerome williams strained his hamstring he's out of the game. baltimore scored nip runs in two innings. sixth inning phillies down 15- 15-three. justin defratus flowing at a batter like its their fault they pound you guys. so he gets toed out of the game. phillies running out of bullpen so jeff francoeur the outfielder comes in and pitches two innings innings. his first batter he strikes him out on three pitches. how about that? a scoreless
3:56 am
inking for the first time in the game but in the eighth inning francoeur's first pitch ryan the eighth homerun of the night. orioles within 19-three. phillies are eight-zero on this road trip. it's the longest in team history. >> a game you saw here on fox to vancouver the corner kick and abby wambach with the only goal of the game. 99 minutes one goal. usa beats nigeria one-nil. >> there you have it. >> thank you how war. >> tmz is up next. >> we're back at 4:00 a.m. for your fox morning news and "good day philadelphia".
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